Bone Machines – the podcast

They suffer for his art…

Bone Machines is now released as a free audio book from

“Sure to be one of the next great crime writers.” – Stornoway Gazette.

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Please tell your friends, family…and enemies. Feedback, comments, questions would be appreciated. And give the book a rating on itunes or podiobooks. Help spread the word!

Bone Machines book jacket

4 thoughts on “Bone Machines – the podcast

  1. Hi! I’ll definitely check out Bone Machines…sounds like a nightmare in the making. 🙂 It will be my first listen to an audio book…

    Take care,

    Nora Weston

  2. I was fascinated to read about this in todays Sophia Echo, especially that you live in a Bulgarian village. We bought a house over there several years ago with the intention of splitting our time between the UK and Bulgaria. That ambition is still a year or so away yet unfortunately. Our house is in Prezviter Kozma, not far from Targovishte. A lovely area, well away from the usual tourist traps.

    Your book sounds intriguing. I’ll be taking a look at it – and at other stories you have had published. Congratulations!

  3. I enjoy your podcast and look forward to more!

    1) I feel your reading is a bit rushed. You need the barest of pauses at the end of your chapters, and I think sometimes during your dialogue. I have trouble following who’s talking sometimes.

    2) You would benefit from one or more beta-listeners to prooflisten your recordings. You have quite a few false starts included in the final version of your most recent episodes that any casual listener can make note of for you.

  4. What a fantastic word smith, you paint with your descriptions, I was there the whole time – I hope this is the first of many. Carole

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