Bone Machines – new in paperback

Bone Machines book jacketThe edited, revised second edition of Bone Machines, out now in paperback from lulu. £6.50
“MURDER, drugs, conflicted relationships and art. In his first novel  John Dodds uses the murky world of Glasgow’s underbelly to explore the true nature of life and what makes humanity tick. The epic film scale style of writing and intriguing ability to jump between character and style mean that John is bound to become one of the next great crime writers” Stornoway Gazette

One thought on “Bone Machines – new in paperback

  1. Great work, I have enjoyed your short fiction on Pseudopod ,Crimewav, and if I remember right Statship sofa. This novel is thrilling and complex. Nothing seems out of place or illogical. The characters are rich and believable. Even the Killer is likable. “Bone Machine” is a fine work of horror. It would make a great film!

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