Why I hate triangles

Having listened to Scott Sigler’s fantastic, original and deeply weird horror podcast, Infected, I will never look at a three-sided polygon in the same way ever again. Scott is also a good guy (if a little strange), who plugged Bone Machines in episode 6 of his Galactic Football novel, The Starter. Scott – you are a star. But I still think you’re really weird. Folks – buy Scott’s books – right now!


One thought on “Why I hate triangles

  1. Hi John, I’ve been a fan of Scott Sigler for a number of years now and discovered Bone Machines after the promo on The Starter. I’m loving the story – I’m currently about half way through and am thoroughly gripped! One thing with the podcasts though, when I downloaded them from iTunes, they appeared in reverse order, meaning that you have to play from the bottom up rather than the top down if you see what I mean. And you can’t just let it play one episode after another otherwise it’d start at the final episode and work back to the first! But it’s a great story and I’m only being picky! Thanks…

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