Why I hate triangles

Having listened to Scott Sigler’s fantastic, original and deeply weird horror podcast, Infected, I will never look at a three-sided polygon in the same way ever again. Scott is also a good guy (if a little strange), who plugged Bone Machines in episode 6 of his Galactic Football novel, The Starter. Scott – you are a star. But I still think you’re really weird. Folks – buy Scott’s books – right now!


About jakk54

I write mainly crime and horror fiction, with occasional forays into science fiction and even romance. The first three novels in my Kendrick Chronicles crime series (Bone Machines, Kali's Kiss and Babylon Slide) are published as audiobook originals by Blackstone Audio, Inc. You can find information on all my books and audiobooks on my new website: http://jakk1954.wix.com/johndodds

One thought on “Why I hate triangles

  1. Hi John, I’ve been a fan of Scott Sigler for a number of years now and discovered Bone Machines after the promo on The Starter. I’m loving the story – I’m currently about half way through and am thoroughly gripped! One thing with the podcasts though, when I downloaded them from iTunes, they appeared in reverse order, meaning that you have to play from the bottom up rather than the top down if you see what I mean. And you can’t just let it play one episode after another otherwise it’d start at the final episode and work back to the first! But it’s a great story and I’m only being picky! Thanks…

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