Merry Christmas, everyone

My wife, Carole, managed to keep our two beautiful dogs still for this photo. You can clearly see the long-suffering expressions on their faces. Their tolerance with their humans knows no bounds…at least when there are treats on the go.


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I write mainly crime and horror fiction, with occasional forays into science fiction and even romance. The first three novels in my Kendrick Chronicles crime series (Bone Machines, Kali's Kiss and Babylon Slide) are published as audiobook originals by Blackstone Audio, Inc. You can find information on all my books and audiobooks on my new website:

One thought on “Merry Christmas, everyone

  1. This photograph tears at my heart. Thank you for allowing me to care for all of your very dear animals and for letting me fall in love with them. Taking care of them was a very great honour and learning about each of their distinct and sweet personalities was the pleasure of a lifetime.

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