50 Word Short Story Competition

cover for Dr North's Wound and Other Stories

Write a short story in exactly 50 words – excluding the title – and post it as a reply to this message.  Four winning entries (it was going to be two, but entries are too good) will receive a free copy of the ebook version of my short story anthology, Dr. North’s Wound and Other Stories. Closing date is my birthday: 26 April 2012.

15 thoughts on “50 Word Short Story Competition

  1. Beyond Hogwarts

    Ron slid into the seat across from Harry, and greedily downed the waiting pint.
    Sighing, Ron asked “How was hell week?”
    Harry winced, “They paddled the hell out of me and forced me to have sex with a sheep. You?”
    Ron blushed. “They changed me into a sheep.”

  2. In the Alley

    A masculine shape stood in the shadow of the alley, over a woman who was sprawled on the ground. Her screams echoed through the night, though nobody listened. A glint of silver, in his left hand, pointed at the ground. He laughed at her. He rose the gun and fired.

  3. She noticed pairs of boots and jeans in the corner of the room, but no man. She rolled out of bed. A bearded man appeared from the bathroom and said, “Lynda baby, no one’s bowled a perfect game at the ‘Shore’ in ages, helluva night.” She then remembered it all.


    Evelyn saw the chaos that had become of her town. A ground of war, between the humans and something Evelyn could not explain. She was certain of one thing and it was that she could be the town’s only salvation. With her new found abilities, there was nothing stopping her.

  5. Great Moments – 1

    “No!” the director raged at me. “There has to be an ‘a’!”
    But I was never any kind of tele-prompt jockey, just a fuel joe pulled in after the abort. I thumbed in: “One small step for a –”
    “Too late,” said the director. “No time. Go with what we have.”

  6. “The dogwood blooms are beautiful.” He twiddled his fingers on the steering wheel.

    “Where did that come from?”

    “Just an exercise my therapist recommended. It’s supposed to help with my suicidal thoughts.”

    “I see.” I watched the oncoming traffic hurtle past. “Do you want me to drive for awhile?”

  7. Refuge

    Pen wondered if the impact would kill him. It was more an academic question. He lost sight of the surface. All he could see was blinding sky and dark earthen wall. He extended his arm again while pulling up. He pedaled his feet. Something caught his arm…and pulled.

  8. Not sure the rules on repeat entries. This was my other attempt…
    “Boy meets girl.”

    Girl hates boy. Boy loves girl.
    Girl rejects boy. Boy stalks girl.
    Girl repeatedly resists advances.
    Boy doesn’t give up.
    Girl takes out restraining order. Boy fakes own suicide.
    Girl feels guilty, wishes for different outcome.
    Boy surprises girl with bottle of wine. Girl panics, kills boy with bottle opener.

  9. Family Apocalypse

    Zombies! You can’t live with ’em! The wife was turned a week last Tuesday by the postman and since then she’s been looking at me and the kids differently. I had to put my foot down when she ate the cat over breakfast. We keep her in the shed now.

  10. Cold Breath

    Chill breath upon my neck. I flinch, sudden dread overwhelming. My mind’s eye imagines the horror that lurks unseen. A leaden second passes. Fear holds me in its grip. That chill breath again, closer this time. I scream when the lifeless clammy hand touches me. There’s no escape for me.

  11. Life’s Journey

    Progression was the existence I chose. Travelling from distant lands, through baron landscapes, polluted seas and murky skies. As years went past I never looked back. Ahead; the only direction I would observe. Yet I deceive as progression wasn’t my purpose… I only searched for a place to call home.

  12. True Story

    I wake to a familiar paralysis. Like sleepwalking in reverse, my brain stirs but my body is helplessly unconscious. Is this the time I’m locked in, unable to scream (and nobody to hear it anyway)?
    Agonising minutes pass before a toe twitches. Relief is immediate. Not this time. Not today.


    Grabbing McAlister by the throat, Dracula withdrew the stake from his chest, and pushed it through McAlister’s eye, into his brain, allowing him to crumple to the floor.
    “Barking dogs, screaming kids, wannabe vampire slayers…it’s impossible to get a decent sleep around here.”
    Dracula yawned, and nodded off again.

  14. A Brief Interlude in a Spring Affair Between Two (Partially) Deaf Lovers

    Harry had known Doreen for at least four weeks he reckoned. Gathering his courage one fine evening he said to her, “I love you.”
    Pausing, she replied, “I don’t.”
    Heartbroken, Harry turned to the door, not hearing her next words as the tears spilled from his eyes, “I hate stew.”

  15. I, Zebra

    I felt her breath on my neck and the game was up. Exhaustion overtook me as powerful jaws clamped themselves around my jugular vein, extinguishing my life slowly. Claws tore at my rump, spilling blood in one easy stroke, exciting the other hungry lions that joined her. Then, darkness came.

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