Now That’s What I Call Ringtones, Vol. 1

My good friend, songwriter and author, Jonathan Taylor has created a brilliant Christmas  gift idea. He’s doing customised, musical ringtones for mobile phones/cellphones.  All he needs is the full name of recipient, first name of caller, if at all and a few words about hobbies and tone, (funny, swearing, naughty etc.) Cool, completely original, and a bargain – barely the cost of a stocking filler! Here’s the youtube promo for a sample and details of how to snag customised ones for your friends, families  – or enemies, come to that!


About jakk54

I write mainly crime and horror fiction, with occasional forays into science fiction and even romance. The first three novels in my Kendrick Chronicles crime series (Bone Machines, Kali's Kiss and Babylon Slide) are published as audiobook originals by Blackstone Audio, Inc. You can find information on all my books and audiobooks on my new website:

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