Baba Marta

Jonathan Taylor (see my interview with him a few weeks back on this blog) has written this great song to mark Bulgaria’s Baba Marta day. Baba Marta (Granny March) is a mythical woman who, depending upon her mood, will allow winter to pass quickly or drag it on if you’ve displeased her in any way. The song was filmed by Bulgaria’s TV7 channel. And you can find links to download Jonathan’s latest album on the youtube page.

One thought on “Baba Marta

  1. I saw this new video from Mr. Taylor and it’s a wonderful short really like the use of the trains and all the people dancing very moving makes me wish I was there dancing as well. We had heard the song before on the radio but didn’t knnow the back story of who Baba Marta is so thanks for that Mr. Dodds !!

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