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Some Scary Sh1t

zanti6Yes, I mean ess aitch one tee! I know what scares me, but what scares you, my blog readers? I’m preparing a blog post for Amazing Stories Magazine about what scared us science fiction, fantasy and horror geeks as children. For me, it was The Outer Limits TV series – the little bugs called the Zanti Misfits  and the guy with the face he could plasticise and plasticise and mold and ended up with frozen, melted facial features with no eyes. For my wife, it was the Daleks…as a child, hiding behind the couch when they appeared. And of course, us kids were always scared of the Doctor Who theme music: “bungalow…bungalow…bungalow…bungalow…”

So, a shout out to all of you…let me know what scared you as a child. I am mainly interested in genre stuff: SF, fantasy and horror – books, films, tv programmes, radio dramas, (fairy tales count, as do scary stories told to you when you were small;  whatever – yes, my dear, departed grandparents, I’m talking about you). Drop me a comment or a line through the blog. I look forward to reading about your childhood scares and if they drove your interest in fantastical media, or sent you running away from these genres altogether.