Bone Machines, the audiobook – out now!

Bone MachinesYou can listen to a sample of the audiobook version of Bone Machines, right now on Amazon. Robin Sachs has done an incredible job with the performance with my book. The cover art is great, also. I do hope you will give it a listen. Even better – buy a copy, and tell your friends!

And for details of the follow up novel, Kali’s Kiss, check out Blackstone Audio. Blackstone also has freebies from time to time when you sign up to their newsletter. Some great stuff has been available recently.

Babylon 5, Torchwood actor Robin Sachs to narrate Bone Machines

Robin SachsBritish actor, Robin Sachs, has been chosen to narrate the audiobook version of Bone Machines. Being a bit of a scifi buff/geek, I am particularly thrilled by the choice. Robin has appeared in Babylon 5, Torchwood, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, among other things. He’s also done voicework for computer games, among them a personal favourite, the Mass Effect series on the Xbox.