Kendrick 3 Complete!

Well, almost….

My third novel in the Kendrick Chronicles series, Babylon Slide, has been in the hands of some eagle-eyed and constructively critical beta readers. It gets one more read through before shipping out for, hopefully, an audiobook treatment, maybe an e-book, too. And, who knows, it may see print…we’ll see.

Fibre Art Inspired by Jackson Pollock

My wife, Carole, has created a fibre art piece inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock. There’s a neat little high-speed video (seems appropriate when it comes to action painting) of her process.


I recently took up the challenge of a Jackson Pollock inspired piece of work. At first I was not completely taken with the idea as his work is huge, all over the place or so I thought, but on further investigation of this artist I was hooked.

The piece I made was inspired by Pollock’s Moon Woman, especially since I have just finished a moon woman felted piece.

Firstly here is the felted piece it’s depicts a mother and daughter reaching out to each other across the moon.  I quite liked the idea of cutting the moon (another of Pollock’s works), then following his technique I lay the piece on the floor and got splashing with a select range of colours and allowed myself to be inspired by the movement of the fabric paint and the image below. Quite an experience, thoroughly enjoyed myself and I feel that the…

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The Monster Mash

ImageMy third blog posting for Amazing Stories magazine is on the subject of monsters. I reflect on their nature, how they are represented in books and films and I argue that there is a dearth of truly original creatures. I hope you’ll add your thoughts to the discussion – and, even better, beg to differ….I’d be delighted to be proven wrong and would love a flood of monsters I’ve never seen before.

Again, hope you will consider adding your thoughts to the discussion on the Amazing Stories page. Go on, prove me wrong!