John DoddsI am the author of the Kendrick Chronicles crime novel series, published as audiobooks by Blackstone Audio. My most recent work- a mainstream serio-comic novel, Cafe Insomnia, is published on Amazon.

A volume of my short stories, Dr North’s Wound and Other Stories, is also available. All but one of them were published in magazines and websites, including The Horror Express, Fantastic Metropolis and elsewhere. Three of them received honourable mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror anthology series (edited by Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling). One was published in the Macallan/Scotland on Sunday competition anthology, Shorts V (Polygon), several in the UK magazine, The Horror Express, and one in the anthology, Old Blood, New Souls. Several of my stories have also been appearing in podcasts such as StarshipSofa, Pseudopod, Crimewav and, forthcoming, Tales to Terrify.

Dr North’s Wound came out on the  StarshipSofa podcast, and that show was followed by a second one in which I am interviewed: show 177.

All of my published work can be located through my books website.

Leading British author Michael Moorcock says: “John Dodds is one of the most promising new writers I have read for some time. I highly recommend his work.”

In addition to writing fiction I am a professional copywriter, proofreader, editor and content provider. You can find out about my services on my website.

6 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi John, I’d love to interview you for Black Fox Literary Magazine, I’m actively seeking diverse writers, both speculative and literary, and would like to follow up my interview with gonzo horror writer Rob Mosca with an interview on your work in the crime and horror genres. I hope you’re interested and look forward to hearing from you! Best, Alicia

  2. Hi John, just found out about you. I also write a little and live in Bulgaria. Been here six years now and lived in the UK. Would love to talk. Going to check out your work now. Take care. Genya

  3. I’ve just purchased the Melange anthology and I am looking forward to another of your wonderful works. After hearing the opening of Bone Machines my son and his wife recently downloaded it with great anticipation. Keep writing and thanks!

  4. I found your book Bone Machines for my IPOD an am half-way through. As I listen, the story unfurls like a dark and haunting spell, just the right words wrapping around unspeakable acts and human frailty to mak the read a survivable pleaure. First rate writing in a unique and powerfu voice. Thank you.

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