Under a Banner Rocks (or Folks)!

When I listened to Under a Banner’s free sampler, I felt I was hearing shades of The Smiths intermingled with Fairport Convention, The Saw Doctors and an indefinable other thing. In any case, I’m hooked by the music – which can be plangent or pumping, to suit different moods. I absolutely want to see them live.

The band, well known for their catchy and lyrical folkish rock anthems, have recently moved their sound into heavier territories.

“Our recent album Close to the Clouds hinted a bit at our more rocking direction”, remarks lead singer and guitarist Adam Broadhurst. “We’ve just gone that little step further this time.”

From the opening notes of the celtic-tinged Magic is Real to the Deep Purple-esque Leaving Here to the pumped up Foo-ish reinterpretation of fan favourite Summer Skies, every song is delivered with a drive, gusto and energy that is built for the live setting.

Get the sampler here. Better yet, go ahead an buy their albums.



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